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Policies and Procedures

Covid-19 Policies & Procedures

Covid -19 Policy & Procedures

While it is impossible to ensure complete safety from Covid -19, it is my absolute priority to keep us as safe as possible when in the studio together.

How I am ensuring maximum safety:

Inside the studio

  • Yoga mats have been replaced by a large and easy to clean vinyl mat.
  • All equipment is being wiped down with disinfectant spray in between each session, this also includes surfaces and door handles.
  • Fabric parts on the Pilates equipment are out of use or have been replaced with easy to clean vinyl ones.
  • Both windows will be fully open during sessions (please be mindful to bring warm clothes during the colder months of the year).
  • Sessions will be scheduled with 30 minutes between appointments to allow time for airing out and cleaning, and to avoid clients crossing paths in the hallway or door.
  • Hand sanitiser will be provided both at the main entrance and in the bathrooms of Businessland as well as inside the studio.
  • Payments and paperwork will be handled online only where possible.
  • The studio is equipped with a virus filtering air purifier.

Me, your practitioner
  • I will be wearing a medical grade ffp2 mask at all times, while in the studio with you.
  • I will be washing my hands before and after each session and disinfecting my hands throughout the session.
  • I will aim to keep my distance from you during all times where closer contact is not nesseary. I will always seek your permission before offering hands-on support and you are encouraged to refuse this if you are uncomfortable. There is always another way!
  • I am fully vaccinated and take regular home tests.

You, the client
  • For mutual safety please wear a face covering during your session unless you are exempt from this for health reasons, in which case this will of course be respected and supported. You should also feel free to remove your mask during the session if you are exerting yourself and feel that the mask is in any way restricting your breathing or becoming damp.
  • For movement based sessions please also bring a clean hand towel, which you can use folded up for head support as cushions are not in use.
  • Please wash your hands after entering Businessland and disinfect your hands when you are ready for your session.
  • You may want to bring your own beverage as I will not be able to provide these at the moment.
  • The Businessland building is shared by many different businesses. Therefore please do not enter the building more than 5 minutes early for your session and do not linger inside the hallways longer than necessary.
  • If you or a member of your household is feeling in any way unwell and show ANY symptoms of a viral or bacterial infection (this includes stomach bugs, headaches, a change in taste or smell, as well as respiratory symptoms) please do not attend your session and contact me as soon as possible to reschedule. You will not be charged for any short notice cancellations due to health related reasons.
  • If you or someone you have been in close contact with has had a positive covid test within the past 2 weeks, please take several days and two consecutive negative tests before returning to the studio.
  • If you are not fully vaccinated and you have not recently recovered from covid please make sure you have a negative covid test result before attending your session. Thank You.
Please understand that these procedures are a work in progress and subject to change as guidelines may change. Written 6/09/21

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The privacy, confidentiality and safety of all data and information you share with me is of extreme importance to me. I am 100% transparent about how I store and use any data you provide and I inform you about all options you have, so that you can be confident that the privacy and securety of your data is ensured at all times.


and My website, through which you may contact me or book your sessions is hosted by Wix.com. Wix is a third-party service, may use cookies and may store some of your details on a secure server, protected by firewalls. Please refer to wix privacy policy for more information on how Wix stores and protects your data. You have the option to contact me via email or phone, rather than through the wix website. You have the option to book classes and sessions through me directly, using direct bank transfer or paypal.me, rather than the wix booking service. You can provide additional information about your contact details and health history, by requesting a pdf, rather than filling in the online form during the booking process on WIx.


Mailchimp is a popular industry tool, used for email marketing via its newsletter templates. Mailchimp is a third-party service and I use it in order to be able to keep you informed about updates, new classes and services on a regular basis (about once a month). For this reason Mailchimp stores your email address. Please refer to Mailchimp's privacy policy for more details on how your email information is stored and kept safe. You have the option to opt in or out of receiving my newsletter, which means that Mailchimp will no longer store your email address.

Information collected and stored by me

All above information I hold on you is stored securely for the relevant duration (usually 7 years from the last point of contact you made with me) and is afterwards securely destroyed. You can request access to the information I hold on you any time, or ask for these to be destroyed. I do not share your information with any other third parties, besides Wix and Mailchimp, unless you request this personally, for example in case of referral.

How I might contact you

Unless you give specific instructions in regards to how you want to/do not want to be contacted I will use your provided email or phone number to contact you. You may also opt in or out of being included in my email newsletter listing to be informed about news, changes and timetabling. You may request not to be contacted at any point, which will be respected.

Updated: 20/04/21

Terms & Cons for Private Sessions

Terms & Conditions For Private Sessions

  • If you feel unwell or ill it is in your own best interest to not attend studio-based sessions. Please notify Kristin as soon as possible and your session may be rescheduled.
  • If you need to cancel a private session please do so at least 24 hours before the appointment. If you cancel later than 24 hours before the appointment a cancellation fee of up to 100% of the hourly rate may apply. (see covid-19 policy for current practice).
  • You are eligible to one complimentary online sessions. These sessions also can only be rescheduled, if 24 hour notice is given. Eligibility for a complimentary session may cease if less than 24 hours notice is given.
  • If opting for regular sessions at the discounted rate of £55 per session, payment needs to be made in advance on a monthly basis no later than the 1st of the month and sessions need to be scheduled for the month ahead in advance (although they can be rescheduled if 24 hour notice is given). These payments are non-refundable unless the session is cancelled by the practitioner.
  • To be eligible for the discounted rate of £55 per session a minimum of 2 sessions has to be booked per month (unless the practitioner is unable to provide appointments for longer than 7 days during this time.
  • Sessions are usually not refundable however sessions can be rescheduled as long as 24 hour notice is given.
  • Payments can be made via online booking on this website or bac.
  • A health history form has to be filled out and submitted before the first session and may have to be renewed each year.

Terms & Cons for Online Classes

Terms & Conditions for Online Classes

  • Classes, once booked are non refundable. If you miss your class you will receive a link to a recording of it, so you can do the class later. You have 5 days after the live class to view the recording.
  • I can only keep an eye on your movements and react to them if I can see you well. It is up to you if you want to be seen or not. If I can see you I might give you verbal cues directly sometimes or I might use the general feedback I am getting from seeing you and everyone else move and respond by demonstrating the exercise again or talk through it differently if needed. If you choose not to be seen or if I can not see you well please understand that you will solely be in charge of ensuring your own movement quality.
  • As I am not physically with you, you carry responsibility for your own safety. Please feel free to consult me in the class if you would like guidance or support on a particular issue or movement, just as you would in a real class. However please understand that this can only happen to a small degree in a group class. I am happy to give you more support and help to work on your movement quality in a 1-1 based session.
  • It is your responsibility to notice any pain you may experience and to stop moving if something does not feel safe to you and to seek advice or support from me.
  • Please be mindful of your home environment when you join the class as any interruption in your home space may cause disruption for others in the class, unless you mute your microphone. Therefore please switch other devices to silent and let family members know not to interrupt you.
  • I can not take responsibility for ensuring a stable internet connection and technology operating smoothly at your end. If you can not participate in a class for such reasons you will still receive the video recording of the class.
  • Should technology fail all of us, or should I be unable to provide you with a decent quality class due to internet issues or technology quality problems you will have the option to be refunded or to transfer your booking to a different class. We may also decide to reschedule the class together.