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Private Sessions

Kristin Loeer Online Coaching

You are here because you seek a more harmonious relationship with your body. 

There are many body-oriented therapies out there, just like there are many talking therapies. Some acknowledge the body and mind connection, yet few modalities can give equal attention to both and help you resolve issues where body and mind come together:

- In The Nervous System. 


Exploring your nervous system states and responses allows you to build new capacity, resilience and movement ability in your body. As you get in touch with your survival instincts and negotiate your inner conflicts on this deep level you move beyond your cognitive understanding of your difficulties and gain a greater sense of connection, safety, freedom, ease and authenticity in your body and in your life.

Kristin Loeer coaching for artists
Are you struggling with persistent pain?​
Did an accident change you?
Do you have multiple symptoms or a health condition that is affecting both your body and your mental health?
Are you are a professional mover or performer and you have come to realise that habitual tension or a lack of confidence is getting in the way of you unlocking your full potential?

What To Expect:

  • You play an active role.

My role is to support and guide you to your own empowerment. This requires a level of curiosity and a willingness on your part to play an active role in your recovery/self-improvement process. This is your session! 

  • I may interrupt you.

Sometimes I may politely interrupt you when you tell me things. I do want to hear what you have to say, yet sometimes thoughts appear to take us away from what we are exploring or too deeply into it. It is my role to make sure we stay with the process and a digestible degree of stress. 

  • Movement is not a chore.

When we work with movement we will never use force. While we may explore physical challenges where appropriate, the focus will always be on instinctive and conscious explorations and learning, in order to improve movement patterns, physical efficiency and authenticity. I want you to gain confidence and a sense of joy and inner connection through movement.

  • Sensation-based questions.

I may often ask you questions like: "What are you sensing in your body when you say/do this?". These can be difficult questions to answer, however it is important that we give time and focus to the physical resonance of our thoughts and actions, in order to resolve conflict between our instinctive and analytical brain. Noticing our body's reactions to our thoughts and actions, as well as the meaning we give physical experiences, is the essence of working equally with body and mind.

  • A slow pace.

Sometimes I may ask you to slow down. Time and space is important for us to fully experience what is happening in the nervous system as we move, think or speak and sometimes a habitual fast pace can be a subconscious avoidance mechanism that stops us from truly connecting to what is happening inside. 

  • Resourcing rather than re-traumatising.

When working with trauma it is most important that we do not re-traumatise ourselves in an attempt to deal with the past. Therefore we will never work with strong traumatic material in the first session. Instead emphasis is given to resourcing you and building capacity for resilience. Once you feel resourced to work through more difficultly or past trauma safely, we will do so in small manageable portions that do not overwhelm you.

Kristin Loeer somatic trauma therapy



 If, like me, you want to find out if we are a good match for your healing or empowernment journey, simply ask for a complimentary online call and lets get to know each other.

It is obligation-free and only if, by the end, we both feel keen to be moving forward together, we will discuss the next step.

If that sounds like a good plan to you, go ahead and get in touch: 

Online Coaching
Ready To Embark
On A
Transformative Journey?



£70 per 50 min. session

Concessions for those in financial difficulty may be available. Please inquire.

(please note that coaching is predominatly taking place online. However in-person sessions are available in Leigh on Sea, Southend subject to availability.

Performing Arts Therapist

To arrange a complimentary call or for any further questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Thanks for submitting! I will get in touch shortly.

Testimonial Somatic Coach

Sarah R.

"I found my first session completely inspiring! I rushed home and told my partner about all of my discoveries, about how my body is currently functioning.”

Testimonal SE

Natalie E.

"I came to Kristin, struggling with the traumatic remnants of a recent bereavement. Effortlessly gentle and patient, as soon as I spoke to her I knew she was the right person for me to work with. I found her highly-skilled yet grounded and personal approach deeply therapeutic and by just our second session together, not only was I able to process some very difficult emotions, but I also began to experience new freedom in the way I was able to move physically. This wouldn't have happened had I not felt so safe with her and the way she guided me to reframe what I was going through. I would highly recommend working with her if you're struggling with any kind of physical or emotional trauma or discomfort."

Testimonal Somatic Coach

Sue M.

“Kristin is a very professional, kind and skilled Coach with great experience of the mind and body. She tailors her work to your individual needs in a wonderful safe and well equipped environment. She helps you listen to, understand and communicate with your body through movement and the felt sense. I highly recommend working with Kristin to release old issues, improve health and integrate mind and body awareness.”

testis ps
Testimonal SEP

Colleen B.

"I went into my first private session, really not knowing what to expect, but Kristin’s reassuring nature allowed me to open up and examine the underlying issues of my back pain and lack of energy. It gave me a whole different  framework of how to deal with my conflicts. Also, I experienced how that framework can affect movements and fascia throughout the body, -something that CBT could never provide.  I can’t recommend Kristin enough. I found the somatic approach something that has really stuck with me much more than any of my previous CBT sessions. It has been in my thoughts and body since I completed my sessions with Kristin and will stay with me throughout my life."

Testimonal Somatic Therapy

A. F.

"Just wanted to say how wonderful my private lessons with Kristin have been. She is so knowledgeable and

 understanding of my situation and really works with my body to help me figure out a way forward. I've sought out a lot of help over the years from physios, massage therapists, personal trainers etc and although they have obviously all tried to help the best they can, Kristin is making the biggest difference because she really understands and is really willing to listen and experiment. Her technique is gentle but effective and she really notices things. Really feel relieved to finally be finding a way to get moving healthily again with Kristen's kind support."

Testimonal Fibromyalgia

Nicola H.

"I can't do justice to how significant Kristin's coaching was and remains for me. She works in a profoundly intuitive as well as practical way. I will never forget how much she taught me, nor how much she cared.  I can never thank her adequately for the kindness, dedication and expertise with which she taught me how I can help my body.  Her intuitive knowledge in adapting exercises where needed due to my illness, & her explanations of how things work in the body, made the time she spent with me unforgettable."

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