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Embody You

Discover Your Authentic Self


This trauma informed somatic course allows you to slow down and reconnect with yourself and your environment in the present moment. Using experimental, floor-based movement and sensory awareness we gently explore our nervous system, gain resilience and empower us to feel more confident and alive.  You will be given simple, yet powerful tools to help you settle your nervous system and gain the resources you need to begin unwinding what is giving you discomfort and holding you back. Each session will offer a particular theme or focus around embodied self-exploration, self-regulation and self-expansion, which we will explore through exercises and practices drawn from Somatic Movement and Somatic Experiencing. Each session will also provide a brief introduction to basic neuro-scientific theory and psychoeducation, to help you orient within your experimental practice and to give you the understanding of what you are navigating inside.


This course includes 6 sessions of approx 70 minutes each. It was facilitated and recorded live in 2021 in partnership with Intercultural Roots.


If you are suffering with severe symptoms of trauma or physical discomfort this course may not be suitable for you. Please feel free to email me to discuss suitability.

After purchase you will be sent the link to the recordings.

Access for at least 12 months: