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Kristin Loeer -Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

Are you seeking a more harmonious relationship with your body? 


How I Can Help

Do you feel that a traumatic or stressful event has changed you?

Not only life threatening events can cause trauma. A routine surgery, a fall or a stressful period at work can also 'blow us out of our body' and make us feel numb and disconnected. Or we may find ourselves trapped by new uncomfortable thoughts, feelings, behaviours and sensations. Somatic Experiencing understands that trauma is not in the event, but held in our physiology. It can offer you a gentle and body-focused approach to resolving trauma.

Are you struggling with pain, anxiety, exhaustion, sleeplessness or digestive problems?

When these symptoms come together or are persistent it can be a sign that our nervous system feels under attack or overwhelmed. Somatic Experiencing can help you connect to your nervous system to reinstall safety, grow resilience and come back into balance with your body and mind, so that you can embody your authentic self again. We may also use movement or hands-on work to aid physical wellbeing. 

Are you an artist who is struggling to stay in flow with your creative process under pressure? 

Despite loving your profession, personal health and external pressure can stifle your creative process. Anxiety, exhaustion, writer's block or even injury are all known obsticals that may stop you delivering the work you know you have in you.  Somatic Experiencing can help you regulate your nervous system so that it allows you to reconnect to your sense of inspiration, creativity, flow and passion. 

Are you a performer who would like to explore a role or personal material more deeply and safely?

Our nervous system does not differentiate between what we imagine and what is actually happening. When you tap into deeply challenging feelings or memories, to bring a role you play to life, it can push you into a trauma vortex that can be hard to reemerge from. Somatic Experiencing teaches you the nuances of sensation, emotion and expression and how to pendulate between darkness and lightness so you can keep your sensitive nervous system safe when exploring challenging roles.

My Services

Private online coaching is a great way to receive the individual support and guidance you need in the most convenient way possible without even having to leave the house or live in the same area. Sessions usually take place via Zoom but other arrangements can be made.   

If you want to work with me in person you can see me at my practice in Leigh on Sea, Southend. Please note that regular long term therapy will need to include sessions online at times as I travel a lot for various work projects. 

Occasionally I offer live in-person or online group classes, courses and workshops. Often they will be somatic movement based and tailoured towards the general public, the arts industry or movement professionals. Keep checking in on my website, social media and sign up to my newsletter to be informed of the next classes and workshops coming up. 



Kristin Loeer - SEP

Moving brings access to the feelful connections between thoughts.

Peggy Hackney,


Starting out as a young Artist I was fascinated with movement and human expression and how it relates to our experience of life. It led me on a lifetime journey of exploration, discovery and personal transformation.

Over 10 years into this journey I am an experienced Movement Educator, Manual Therapist, Coach and Anatomy Lecturer.


6 years ago I began my deeper explorations and studies of the nervous system, somatic developmental psychology and the physiology of trauma. As a Somatic Experiencing Practitoner I now specialise in somatic trauma therapy and assist on Somatic Experiencing training courses in the UK and Europe.

I bring together all of the above approaches of working with the body and mind in motion and stillness, in order to help you unwind what is keeping you trapped, and explore your very own embodied path to a more healthy, authentic and empowered self.  


Find out what people have said about their experiences of working with me. 

Kristin Loeer Testimonal 1

A., Teacher

"Just wanted to say how wonderful my private lessons with Kristin have been so far. She is so knowledgeable and understanding of my situation and really works with my body to help me figure out a way forward. I've sought out a lot of help over the years from physios, massage therapists, personal trainers etc and although they have obviously all tried to help the best they can, Kristin is making the biggest difference because she really understands and is really willing to listen and experiment. Her technique is gentle but effective and she really notices things. Really feel relieved to finally be finding a way to get moving healthily again with Kristen's kind support." 

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