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You are here because you seek a kind, inclusive and judgement-free movement class, that can help you feel calmer, more comfortable and confident in your body, while learning how to move more healthily and effortlessly.

My classes guide you through embodiment, authentic movement and nervous system regulation practises and are suitable for those struggling with fatigue and physical limitations, as well as for advanced movers, who seek a deeper more organic understanding of themselves in motion. 

What to expect:

  • I may not always demonstrate exercises.

I rarely demonstrate because I want you to be able to focus on yourself fully and creating your own movement from what I am describing, so that it can be truly yours.

  • I won't push you.

A lot of my work is about helping people explore and understand their own healthy limits and find balance. Therefore I will never push you to do more than you feel able to do. You are frequently reminded to take breaks when you need them, to not push yourself through pain and to notice the difference between intensity and struggle.

  • Active Stillness.

All my classes will have moments of what I call "active stillness". These are short periods of time between activities where we consciously explore the transitions between things. This is something that we don't often pay attention to in every day life, even though a lot happens when we move from one thing on to another. In essence this is what change is and we do not want to miss it. 

  • No straight forward workouts.

As you can probably tell from reading the above, my classes are not straight forward Pilates or exercise classes. While some of my classes are more physically challenging than others they all are designed to engage not only your muscular system but your entire being. ​My classes are for you, not just for your body.

  • Before and after.

I will often take a few minutes at the start of the class to find out how you are. Likewise I may ask you at the end of the class what may have changed. I am asking these questions so that you can become more conscious to the impact that the session may have had for you. It also helps me learn about your experience, so I can be mindful of it when planning future classes. ​

  • Exploration rather than dictation.

You will rarely hear me directly correct you and often I will offer more than one strategy of how to achieve a movement. The truth is that there is more than one way to do it right. This can be a very empowering experience and you might be amazed how easy movement can be when it is organic and authentically yours.


  • Kindness & Authenticity.

It is very important to me that you can feel at ease and show up as you are. If you have had a terrible week your body will be carrying this baggage and so there is absolutely no point in trying to suck it up and muscle through the session. Instead I encourage you to respect and include your discomfort into the work. It is okay to be down or exhausted. I am here to support you in good and bad times and the class is yours and to be used in what ever way is most useful on the day. There will always be space in my class for you to be you. 

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