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You are here because you seek a kind, inclusive and judgement-free group experience that supports your wellbeing and experiental learning.

I run workshops, courses and classes for movement professionals, the arts industry and the general public. Please check below to see what I am doing next.


If you have remaining questions about my classes or need support with how to join, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I would love to hear from you and am happy to get you started!

Thanks for submitting! I will get in touch shortly.


Debbie, Pilates Teacher

"Kristin invites us to explore each exercise so beautifully, that my mind and body just get out of the way and allow for the movement to happen without any effort. It's complete surrender to the present moment."


Joanne G.

"The Release & Restore class has been helping me with my recovery from Long Covid. When I went to the Covid clinic they thought it was a great way to restore my energy. Now I am nearly back to full strength."


Company Director

"Kristin is very empathetic and puts you at ease during her classes, no judgement, just the will to share all her knowledge with simplicity. Very rare and much appreciated for both beginners and advanced movers."


Teresa, Osteopath

"Though experienced in Pilates I committed to the online course "Pilates Basics in Depth", because I feel it’s always worth revisiting the basics. I was really pleasantly surprised to learn so many new ways of looking at the basics. Kristin “de- constructs” the principles of Pilates and gently takes you through them in a way that enables you to feel and be aware of elements of the practice, and your body that I  wasn’t aware of before. The result is that I think differently, and am more “In Control” in many of the postures that I found difficult to move through before. It feels like I now have a more solid foundation from which to develop my Pilates practice."


Ewa, EU Clerk

I really enjoyed the "Pilates Basics in Depth" course. It was interesting to explore how the same movement can be achieved through different techniques. Also, a very positive surprise to me was how easy, relaxing and efficient the online format of the course was.


Viviane, Author & Illustrator

"During lockdown, one of the best things to look forward to every week was the 30 min. Release & Restore class with its gentle somatic exercises.

They set me up for the day even when I was feeling dreadful, with kindness, humour and expertise.

I retained the exercises and am still using them to get me through my morning anxieties."

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